Management Accounting

At Frank McGivney and Co, we specialise in the area of management accounting. Working directly with you the client, we can look after all aspects of your accounts. This can be done on an ongoing basis

Business Plans
This is where you outline a formal business, outlining goals and how you plan to achieve them. Business goals should be achievable and realistic, with figures to back everything up. It can contain anything that is relevant to achieving these goals, finances, including background information on the company or any employees. We work with companies to help set out business plans, including both new and existing companies. We can let you know what taxes you must pay, what to register for and so on.

Your accounts can be done monthly, quarterly, whatever suits you. Knowing where your money is going and seeing areas that can be cut back can really help contribute towards a successful business. To arrange a consultation with Frank, call our office today.

It can be very easy to spend money and very difficult to save. We help you set budgets, then monitor the books to see where you are doing well and where you could improve. Often our clients tell us that they do not even realise the areas they are spending money. Keeping a close eye on all income and outgoings makes it easier to pinpoint areas to improve on.

There are different software packages, depending on your business requirements. At Frank McGivney, we can establish exactly what it is you need and then help you to choose the best software. We can also show you how it works. This means you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time investing into your core business.